Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tartan madness

here's one of my new outfits, it's called Tartan and here you can see both male and female, they include accessories, sculpted parts and shoes.
The hair I'm wearing (female) is a cute japanese short straight hair, it's lovely :D I've had it for a very long time and I really hope the store is still going :)
The Skin i sadly couldn't find the LM (yes I dusted my inv today) but it's one of the most beautiful skins I ever bought. The male skin is a very old freebie no longer available.
The mail hair you can get for 29L in slexchange following the link from the credits :)


Outfit: Tartan (female version) +++BLUE BLOOD+++
Hair: Smoka short hair
Skin: N-Zoe Coal light (coulnd't find the LM the skin is ubber old) :(

Outfit: Tartan (male version) +++BLUE BLOOD+++
Hair: Cabelo MAsc Chanel

in both cases shoes are included with the outfit

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