Monday, October 27, 2008


I'm happy happy happy to announce the winner of the +++BLUE BLOOD+++ photo contest, her name is Gothie Xue and this picture definitely caught my eye when I saw it... she looks gorgeous in Victorian Latex... doesn't she look like she's casting a spell at night in an old graveyard? *giggles*

Gothie chose for her prize the following 4 outfits:

Death angel

I want to thank everyone for participating, this was such a beautiful experience the store might hold contests on a regular monthly basis or so ^^

for now I have yet another piece of cool news ^^ next Thursday is my birthday (rl) and so, to celebrate, +++BLUE BLOOD+++ will hold a sim wide gift hunt ^^ sicne it's a once a year event (thank god I only get 1 year older every 360 days lol!) the gifts I promise will be awesome ^^ I'll let you guys know thrhough the group notices ^^

huggsies everyone!


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