Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Turning the page ^^

ok, this discussion ends here. I will not keep feeding this person's anger with life or the insecurities being thrown at me :)
let's all move on and keep the creative flow going ^^
just, before we do, I think it's proper for me to thank all the support I got... at the discussions on XLS, inworld by frestylers, friends, clients and fellow designers, the blog posts and all the positive energy :) THANK YOU!! really... this means a lot to me.
I found myself in a very difficult situation and you guys responded in a way I could never have imagined :)
everyone that knows me a bit knows two things about me: I'm giving and I'm polite... I act that way because I feel it is the right thing and today and yesterday I got back all that positive energy from you giving me the strength to just turn the page on this and let this person boil in their own anger and frustration. For that I am eternally grateful and I LOVE YOU ALL!
in my time of need you were there for me, and you didn't let something unfair happen to me :)

if anyone else needs the proof item to check dates by themselves then drop me an IM ^^

this said, *turns the book page* this subject is done :)

Ghanima Uriza

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