Monday, October 13, 2008

New Skins

sale at the mainstore is over and I took away the ooooooold skins. Today I put up the new ones and here you have the pictures.
As you guys know I used to use Eloh's PSD base for the old skins. For the new line of skins I used some things from Eloh's skins but mainsly I worked on Sezmra's base, then added stuff of my own such as face and body makeup to make them different.
Like Eloh did, Sezmra added a download to her PDS files to her blog so we can learn to make our own skins, adding some creativity to her PSD files. To give her credit for the base I used to make these 8 skins I added the link to her blog to this post, where you guys can get her PSD files to learn how to make skins. She has been wonderful to us, please respect her PSD files and do not distribute them as BIAB or sell them as is. Use your own creativity to change them, as she asvices in her blog :)
and I will take a few lines here to thank Sezmra myself in a public way, because her PSD (along with Eloh's) helped me a lot to learn how to make skins myself. She allows you to sell the skins, but please respect her work and work on them before you decide to sell them... or else you will end up selling someone else's work. Tyvm

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