Monday, October 27, 2008

drama...? O.o

I do not like drama as much as I do not like bitches... so well, to make things clear I will post this here and move on with my life, I don't have time to deal with people's envy

Posted By: SexyBoy Oh at 2008-10-27 15:29:24 (has not purchased this item)

you stole DRC you a scum
Posted By: SexyBoy Oh at 2008-10-27 15:29:51 (has not purchased this item)

get your idea by your self

Posted By: Ghanima Uriza at 2008-10-27 16:01:44 (item owner)

I am sorry whoever you are, but slx and SL is full of alice in wonderland themed outfits. If you have eyes and can look you will see the outfits are totally different
Posted By: Ghanima Uriza at 2008-10-27 16:08:22 (item owner)

I took the time to make you a link, in case you do not know how to look up in the marketplace:


that link will show you how many queen of hearts outfits slx has... did you insult all of them? and... are you a, and I quote here, "scum" for creating and posting a queen of hearts outfit after the ones that were already in slx and sl?

after I got this silly messages and answered them I got a notecard from the store owner... now I don't want to say sexy-I-don't-know-what is an alt, but go figure... thing is.. as I stated in my answer to slx, many alice in wonderland outfits have been created and will surely be created in sl and sold in slx... and I am pretty sure if there is anyone in the world who "invented" alice in wonderland, it was not the person who wrote me this... now I don't need to post the pciture of the item discussed here. All I will say is my item is a costume while the other is basically BDSM sex stuff... so... well I don't see how the items could be copied.
I made an alice in wonderland outfit, a set of them actually, because I have been working on them for a while. In fact, I have had an alice in wonderland sim for months now so go figure...

now I cannot deal with envious people as much as I do not like to deal with drama. So this is out in the pen for all of you to see and judge, so people don't need to pass secrets from mouth to mouth.

The other store owner and I had a... conversation... in which we did not reach an agreement. she says I copied her heart attachment, the one I have in the queen of hearts outfit. Now she declined the proof because she didn't want to see for herself and look foolish I assume, but I created that accessory for a necklace over 3 months ago and gave it away on free style. It is also part of the Liebe outfit, which was created a month before HER so called queen of hearts outfit.

Now.. I am angry and disappointed... people, you all have talent inside yourself, and whoever said no publicity is bad publicity gave this woman very poor advice.

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