Monday, October 13, 2008


yayyy! I finally finished what I wanted :D *does the happy dance*

half these outfits were finished last week.. but I was having exams at university and so I didn't have time to make the posters. But well :) after the exams I made the posters and then... then I got all piraty so I made a few pirate-like outfits, with a goth touch, as everything I make lol

I wanted to pick a fav outfit... but I must say I have 2 this time... one is the one called Plot... I haven't taken it out in like a week, and the other one is huntress...because it's a neo goth piraty thing, that's got a lot of fabric yet it's sexy without showing TOO much.. yes I know, it shows more than enough though lol

well you guys I hope you like them!
they are avaiable at +++BLUE BLOOD+++ for 300L each ^^

love you all bunches!

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