Friday, October 31, 2008

hiya! ^^

Life back to normal on my side of the planet and Halloween craziness is over .
On Tuesday is my birthday ! and to celebrate with you all I'll organize a gift hunt sim wide on the +++BLUE BLOOD+++ Island ^^

more about this soon ^^ I'll go watch a Simpsons halloween special now LOL

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


freebie available here ^^

this should definitely end it lol

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Turning the page ^^

ok, this discussion ends here. I will not keep feeding this person's anger with life or the insecurities being thrown at me :)
let's all move on and keep the creative flow going ^^
just, before we do, I think it's proper for me to thank all the support I got... at the discussions on XLS, inworld by frestylers, friends, clients and fellow designers, the blog posts and all the positive energy :) THANK YOU!! really... this means a lot to me.
I found myself in a very difficult situation and you guys responded in a way I could never have imagined :)
everyone that knows me a bit knows two things about me: I'm giving and I'm polite... I act that way because I feel it is the right thing and today and yesterday I got back all that positive energy from you giving me the strength to just turn the page on this and let this person boil in their own anger and frustration. For that I am eternally grateful and I LOVE YOU ALL!
in my time of need you were there for me, and you didn't let something unfair happen to me :)

if anyone else needs the proof item to check dates by themselves then drop me an IM ^^

this said, *turns the book page* this subject is done :)

Ghanima Uriza

Monday, October 27, 2008

drama...? O.o

I do not like drama as much as I do not like bitches... so well, to make things clear I will post this here and move on with my life, I don't have time to deal with people's envy

Posted By: SexyBoy Oh at 2008-10-27 15:29:24 (has not purchased this item)

you stole DRC you a scum
Posted By: SexyBoy Oh at 2008-10-27 15:29:51 (has not purchased this item)

get your idea by your self

Posted By: Ghanima Uriza at 2008-10-27 16:01:44 (item owner)

I am sorry whoever you are, but slx and SL is full of alice in wonderland themed outfits. If you have eyes and can look you will see the outfits are totally different
Posted By: Ghanima Uriza at 2008-10-27 16:08:22 (item owner)

I took the time to make you a link, in case you do not know how to look up in the marketplace:


that link will show you how many queen of hearts outfits slx has... did you insult all of them? and... are you a, and I quote here, "scum" for creating and posting a queen of hearts outfit after the ones that were already in slx and sl?

after I got this silly messages and answered them I got a notecard from the store owner... now I don't want to say sexy-I-don't-know-what is an alt, but go figure... thing is.. as I stated in my answer to slx, many alice in wonderland outfits have been created and will surely be created in sl and sold in slx... and I am pretty sure if there is anyone in the world who "invented" alice in wonderland, it was not the person who wrote me this... now I don't need to post the pciture of the item discussed here. All I will say is my item is a costume while the other is basically BDSM sex stuff... so... well I don't see how the items could be copied.
I made an alice in wonderland outfit, a set of them actually, because I have been working on them for a while. In fact, I have had an alice in wonderland sim for months now so go figure...

now I cannot deal with envious people as much as I do not like to deal with drama. So this is out in the pen for all of you to see and judge, so people don't need to pass secrets from mouth to mouth.

The other store owner and I had a... conversation... in which we did not reach an agreement. she says I copied her heart attachment, the one I have in the queen of hearts outfit. Now she declined the proof because she didn't want to see for herself and look foolish I assume, but I created that accessory for a necklace over 3 months ago and gave it away on free style. It is also part of the Liebe outfit, which was created a month before HER so called queen of hearts outfit.

Now.. I am angry and disappointed... people, you all have talent inside yourself, and whoever said no publicity is bad publicity gave this woman very poor advice.


I'm happy happy happy to announce the winner of the +++BLUE BLOOD+++ photo contest, her name is Gothie Xue and this picture definitely caught my eye when I saw it... she looks gorgeous in Victorian Latex... doesn't she look like she's casting a spell at night in an old graveyard? *giggles*

Gothie chose for her prize the following 4 outfits:

Death angel

I want to thank everyone for participating, this was such a beautiful experience the store might hold contests on a regular monthly basis or so ^^

for now I have yet another piece of cool news ^^ next Thursday is my birthday (rl) and so, to celebrate, +++BLUE BLOOD+++ will hold a sim wide gift hunt ^^ sicne it's a once a year event (thank god I only get 1 year older every 360 days lol!) the gifts I promise will be awesome ^^ I'll let you guys know thrhough the group notices ^^

huggsies everyone!


Monday, October 20, 2008


New Alice in Wonderland outfits!! they cost 300L each ad are available at +++BLUE BLOOD++++

New Lucky Chair Freebies

get them at +++BLUE BLOOD++++

Thursday, October 16, 2008


today I felt special remembering a very old friend so I'm dedicating this post and the song at the bottom of it to the person it belongs to :)
The beautiful place I'm at are the botanical gardens... it's a place that's free to visit, they make and sell sculpted trees of all kinds and to display them they build an entire forest island.. I'm telling you, it's a dream.
The outfit you see me with is one of my latest released, it's called Huntress... sexy stuff. It's not a freebie though, cost 300L.
The boots, yes, are the same as always, I just can't take them off... I'll start making up a promise or something that covers up for my silly attachment for these boots lol tey're not freebie either, but they cost 100L
The skin is an absolute beauty I Domestic, she makes great skins and this was one practically a freebie even when it' awesome quality, so you might want to chek at her store to see if it's still there :)


Outfit: Huntress +++BLUE BLOOD++++
Skin: V Deadly Glutony TEARS SKIN SLOTH(DOLL) Domestic
Boots: Hardcore Platform Boots +++BLUE BLOOD++++


In good old times, remember my friend
Moon was so bright and so close to us, sometimes

We were still blind and deaf, what a bliss
Painting the world of our own, for our own eyes, now

Can we ever have what we had then?
Friendship unbreakable
Love means nothing to me
Without blinking an eye
I'd fade, if so needed,
All those moments with you
If I had you beside me

One cloudy day we both lost the game
We drifted so far and away

Nothing is quite as cruel as a child
Sometimes we break the unbreakable, sometimes

And we'll never have what we had then
Friendship unbroken
Love means nothing to me
Without blinking an eye
I'd fade, if so needed,
All those moments with you
If I had you beside me now

I was unable to cope with what you said
Sometimes we need to be cruel to be kind
Child that I was, could not see the reason
Feelings I had were but sham and a lie

I have never forgotten your smile
Your eyes, oh, Shamandalie

Times went by, many memories died
I'm writing this down to ease my pain

You saw us always clearer than me
How we were never meant to be
Love denied meant the friendship would die
Now I have seen the light
These memories make me cry

Can I ever have what I had then?
Friendship unbroken
Love means nothing to me
Without blinking an eye
I'd fade, if so needed,
All those moments with you
See the world with my wide open eyes

Friendship got broken
There's no other for me
Like the one of my childhood days
Can you forgive me?
Love got better off me,
On that day back in old times...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


hi girls ^^ +++BLUE BLOOD+++ is having a pictures contest and the prize is 4 outfits of your choice FOR FREE!!!
Well as I said it's a pictures contest, so all you need to do is pick your favorite location in SL, dress up all cute in a Blue Blood outfit and SMILE!
It's a Halloween themed contest so halloween themed pictures have far greate chances to win ;)

To participate there are 3 rules:

1) You must belong to the +++BLUE BLOOD+++ Update group (open enrollment in case you guys didn't know)
2) You must be wearing a +++BLUE BLOOD+++ outfit.
3) No Photoshop (sorry people, but this is done so we don't accidentally leave out the competition the with no photoshop skills)

Other than that you can do whatever you want, but please do bear in mind not following those simple rules will leave you out of the competition (we need to be fair with everyone, don't we? so no exceptions).

Pictures must be sent in a folder to Ghanima Uriza with your sl name containing the picture and a notecard mentioning the 4 outfits you want in case you're the lucky winner :)

Pictures will be received till the 25th of this month and the winner will be announced on the 28th
please don't push with the dates... even with that I want to be fair with everyone :)

the winner as I said gets the 4 free outfits plus their picture published in here :)

Good luck!!


Monday, October 13, 2008


yayyy! I finally finished what I wanted :D *does the happy dance*

half these outfits were finished last week.. but I was having exams at university and so I didn't have time to make the posters. But well :) after the exams I made the posters and then... then I got all piraty so I made a few pirate-like outfits, with a goth touch, as everything I make lol

I wanted to pick a fav outfit... but I must say I have 2 this time... one is the one called Plot... I haven't taken it out in like a week, and the other one is huntress...because it's a neo goth piraty thing, that's got a lot of fabric yet it's sexy without showing TOO much.. yes I know, it shows more than enough though lol

well you guys I hope you like them!
they are avaiable at +++BLUE BLOOD+++ for 300L each ^^

love you all bunches!

New Skins

sale at the mainstore is over and I took away the ooooooold skins. Today I put up the new ones and here you have the pictures.
As you guys know I used to use Eloh's PSD base for the old skins. For the new line of skins I used some things from Eloh's skins but mainsly I worked on Sezmra's base, then added stuff of my own such as face and body makeup to make them different.
Like Eloh did, Sezmra added a download to her PDS files to her blog so we can learn to make our own skins, adding some creativity to her PSD files. To give her credit for the base I used to make these 8 skins I added the link to her blog to this post, where you guys can get her PSD files to learn how to make skins. She has been wonderful to us, please respect her PSD files and do not distribute them as BIAB or sell them as is. Use your own creativity to change them, as she asvices in her blog :)
and I will take a few lines here to thank Sezmra myself in a public way, because her PSD (along with Eloh's) helped me a lot to learn how to make skins myself. She allows you to sell the skins, but please respect her work and work on them before you decide to sell them... or else you will end up selling someone else's work. Tyvm

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Huge skins sale ^^ you can get individual skins for 25L and the packs cost between 50L and 70L

go check them there are so many you will surely find one you like

the sale will only be for this week, after that I will take them all back to my inventory and put up new ones, so if you like them, this week is your last chance to get them ^^

skins sale is at +++BLUE BLOOD+++

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Alice in Wonderland themed Cheshire Skin

this is an Alice in Wonderland Themed special edition skin called Cheshire and I'm giving it away as freebie this week at +++BLUE BLOOD+++

the pictures were taken at WONDERLAND MARKET