Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Deoridhe Our Wonderful Blue Blood Friend

I got to meet with Deoridhe again what a pleasure it was. She is so full of spunk and fun. You may remember her from a few blogs ago. if not let me quickly recap.
Deoridhe usually appears as a winged faerie wearing a halo. She has some combat ability, but usual techniques are silly distraction and / or running and hiding. Her responses will be emotionally over-exaggarated and dramatic; it's only personal if you want it to be. In this pic she is wearing: Eyes: Muriel, Diamond
Skin: Doux Petit, Rainbow Love [tone 2]
Hair: Sirena, Hayden Blond - down
Ears: Illusion, Fairy Ears
Wings: Fancy Fairy, Azarelle - tinted burnt orange
Dress: Blue Blood, Bachelorette - Rust
Shoes: UN, Juicylicious Platforms - Blue Curacao
Boobies On My Head: Falln Angel Creations, Fishing Prize Boobies On Your Head
Pose: LAP, Tip Toe.

Moniquea: How does one get as lucky as you to win the contest not once but twice? your a very popular Blue blood Shopper I would say.

Deoridhe: It's funny, I've actually won the photo contest a few times - once with the prize from the previous week, which I felt sort of bad about. I love taking photos and the Blue Blood Contest gives me a fantastic way to share them and possibly win more clothes!

Moniquea: How would you best Describe yourself?

Deoridhe: Ironically, absolutely liminal. Philosophical metaphorist. Suiseiseki. Phashionista Filosofer. Unexpectedly, obscurely bitchy. Phairizhy. Submissive, but probably not to you. Straight, even when drunk. Just peachy.

Moniquea: There you got it folks exactly in her own words also. Deoridhe is like no other.

Moniquea: What would you say has been your best adventure so far in SL?

Deoridhe:I love the sims which are full of hidden places. One of those sims, where I sometimes take pictures, has a hidden room under a hidden room. I was hunting for pumpkins or packages when I literally fell THROUGH the floor into the second hidden room. It was so exciting! Which... doesn't say good things about excitement in my life, does it?

Moniquea: Thanks so much Deoridhe for talking with us today and being a wonderful Client with us at Blue Bloods.

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