Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Virtue, oh so sweet.

I love these Virtue outfits!!! They are the latest creation from Ghani at +++Blue Blood+++. I have been looking for good, baroque outfits for a long time, but not just any. I wanted something that has a classic design but with a modern twist and I found it! The colours are gorgeous, the designs are timeless and the detail is stunning. I loved them the moment I saw them. The dress to die for and the mens outfit is a serious must have for any mans wardrobe. I just love the prim detail, the bustle on the skirt, the way it looks as if you are wearing a skirt hoop, and the collar just adds that modern flare that I love. The mens outfit is far from an understatement itself however. There was great care taken to making this outfit, look at the jacket detail, isn't that stunning? And completely hand drawn and shaded! Oh, I just can't get over them. Just beautiful Ghani, just beautiful. Group members can purchase both or just one fat pack in the group member section of the store for 50% off and the special group colour is the Rust version! (The last picture on both sets is the Rust colour)

Get them here! +++Blue Blood+++


Male: Deviant Kitties
Female: The Stringer Mausoleum

Male: Trap
Female: Zanzo

Male: Lethality Designs

Analu and Oracul

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