Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oceanic Sonata at Black Swan

Oceanic Sonata...what can I say about these outfits? I'm at a loss for words, they are just stunning. Ghani created these beautiful pieces specifically for the first of the last fashion events at Black Swan. So, for the final Swan Song there have been three fashion planned to be held at the sim, this was the first. These outfits, male and female, can still be purchased at the sim. I must say though, they both move and look wonderful. The mens addition is just so....well sexy.I love the way it's structured to fit a mans body, so powerful looking but with a hint of softness. And the womens, *sigh* the way it moves! When you walk or twirl it looks like waves dancing across your skirt...just beautiful. And, I might add, very affordable. Both outfits are 300L! So head on over the The Black Swan and have a look!

+++Blue Blood+++ main store

+++Blue Blood+++ Group section.

Black Swan


Male: HOM: House of Munster

Male: Dendou
Female: Nomine

Male: Unique Needs

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