Wednesday, July 7, 2010

+++Blue Blood+++ New Keep and Gift - Dark Summer

Have you done the hunt at Blue Blood yet? Remember, there are five cute dresses for only L$25 each. But don't tarry too long coz the hunt ends on the 12th. In the meantime, though, you can also come check out this new dress Ghani released today. It's Dark Summer, a new Keep and Gift outfit. That means it costs only L$100 per color, and you get two dresses for the price of one - one to keep and one to gift to your BFF (or maybe a random stranger in a sort of Pay It Forward kind of thing.) Or you could just go in halfsies with someone, and then you're only paying L$50 each for this cute dress.

Dark Summer, as its name states, a dark version of the awesomely cute little dress Ghani released a few days ago for the Silent Lion Troupe. It's very delicate and sexy, and hand drawn and painted by Ms. Uriza, as always. Each package includes the clothing items on every possible layer for maximum versatility. Get yours at +++Blue Blood+++ today. Oh, just in case you're reading this on the feeds, you really *must* come visit the main blog. Ghani revamped the blog and it's soooo cute. :)

Dresses by Blue Blood
Skin by Nightshade
Shoes by Bax Coen
Hair by Curio

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